The First Day

This is a bit like the first day of school, don’t you think? That awkward part where you have to stand up in front of everyone and spew facts about yourself. What’s your name? Where are you from? What are your hobbies? And so on and so on. Well to boil it down to simple facts…my name is Tanner. Life is sometimes weird if you are a lady with a traditional boy’s name. Though I attended the same camp every summer, I always managed to be assigned to the boy’s busses, much to my displeasure (until I turned 11, then it was exciting). I have been married to my Mister for slightly over five years now. I cannot say enough good things about being married; every day is amazing when you live with a smartass who makes you laugh. We have three dogs who we love very much, two small and one big. Their names are Sawyer, Maeby, and Dan. We tend to pick our dog names based on whatever shows we are binge watching at the time. I am originally from a small town in Arkansas, but moved to Springfield, Missouri in January of 2013. We bought our first home here this past summer. As a sufferer of extreme Peter Pan syndrome, it boggles my mind that I am adult enough to own a home. My hobbies include crafting, reading novels with varying degrees of smut, beating the hard levels in video games for my husband, and watching the same Parks and Recreation episodes over and over and over again. Any questions so far?

Well I have one, why am I writing this blog? Well, the first answer would be that I love writing, but never do it. Having a blog will hopefully keep me accountable and help me to write more often. The second would be that I love trying new things and like sharing my experiences. I’m a big fan of buying random beauty products and sending videos to my lady friends of me trying said items out. I call these “Tanner tries, so you don’t have to” videos. The third reason and most true, would be that I need to be more social and I think writing a blog could do the trick. Recently my husband said I needed to try and make new friends. When we went to the mall later that day I tried to introduce myself to a small flock of birds eating Chinese food in the parking lot, but the Mister says that doesn’t count.

I’ve said for years that I would start a blog, so here I am finally doing it, and on the very first day of 2016 (albeit close to midnight). So today I make my resolution, I will blog at least once a week for the next year, a minimum of 52 posts. So, what can you expect over the next year? I plan to share stories about my ridiculous life, like the time I legitimately tried to kill my baby brother. I’ll share the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the sad. I’ll give you brutally honest reviews of the new products I try, and my opinion on just about anything else. I’m very open, so just ask! I’ll make new things, try new recipes, go on adventures, and hopefully make some memories.

So here’s to a year of blogging! Happy New Year 2016!